Victor Reinz

Through working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Victor Reinz engineers have developed complete engine sealing solutions for all types of petrol, diesel, and alternative fuel vehicles. The brand’s patented designs for cylinder head gaskets successfully address the sealing challenges of today’s advanced engine designs.

Victor Reinz boasts one of the most extensive product lines for full and head gasket sets for all European cars and commercial vehicles, and they are all available just as you would expect from Reinz – extremely fast. In addition to manufacturing sets for European models, the company also offers a variety of special sets for specific brands and a wide range for Asian automobiles.

Just two types of Victor Reinz sealing compounds cover every application on an engine, exhaust system, powertrain, and body: REINZOSIL and REINZOPLAST and the gasket remover RE-MOVE.

Additional Details

Victor Reinz strives to keep customers up to date by providing an easy-to-use web catalogue and regularly issues lists of new parts. The company also has an impressive track record in terms of both availability and delivery speed for all gasket sets and gaskets.