Valeo is a leading supplier of wipers to both the Independent aftermarket and the OE Spares market. Maintaining its lead through style and innovative technologies that originate from OE technology, Valeo produces a comprehensive range of front and rear wiper blades in a variety of brands that are designed to be attractive, efficient and easy to adapt to all vehicle types. Valeo closely collaborates with vehicle manufacturers on future wiping technologies and offers a choice of brands for both passenger car and LCV wipers.

Valeo’s Silencio is a premium blade and comprises of 188 part numbers that incorporate all of the technology available at OE including spoilers, curved blades, BBI rear blades, blades equipped with a spray bar and over 90 Flat Blades. Each Silencio wiper is produced on the same production line as Original Equipment products and is manufactured to Original Equipment quality standards. New to the Silencio brand is the HBlade™ – combining elements of a conventional and Flat Blade, now available in 4 specific kits.

Compact is Valeo’s premium wiper brand, adapted to the aftermarket. In addition to a concise range of conventional blades, the brand includes Compact Evolution – a range of 17 Uni-Click Flat Blades designed to cover over 85% of the Flat Blade car parc and Compact Revolution – 9 part numbers allowing upgrade from conventional to Flat Blade technology.

Magnum is Valeo’s value for money brand – a short range of 9 universal blades covering 75% of the UK & Ireland conventional car parc.

Valeo wiper motors meet the highest requirements and are therefore fitted by all major car makers in the world. One of the leading OE suppliers for wiper motors, Valeo now offers a wide range of 100% valeorigin front and rear wiper motors for many applications.

Additional Details

Valeo’s wiping range guarantees a premium wiping solution for almost every vehicle. Tested for wiping quality, durability, corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, Valeo can supply a high performing wiper solution for just about any application.

Website: www.valeoservice.com