SONAX introduces new range of trailblazing ceramic formulas for car paintwork

Three innovations based on a newly developed sealing technology have been introduced by leading German car care company SONAX.

According to SONAX, the three new formulas from the top-of-the-range Xtreme series – Xtreme Ceramic Active Shampoo, Xtreme Ceramic Spray Seal and Xtreme Ceramic Quick Detailer – are revolutionary in terms of paintwork sealing technology.  The Si-Carbon technology used in the new formulas provides the highest level of hydrophobic effect (water beading) as well as making the car much easier to clean.

Designed for fans of hand car-washing, SONAX Xtreme Ceramic Shampoo is an efficient car shampoo which thoroughly cleans the car while also sealing it.  After application, the wash provides a clean, high-shine paintwork and visibly revitalised colour as well as an impressive water beading effice.  The Si-Carbon technology formula moistens the paint surface with a water and dirt repellent protective coating, creating a conditioning effect which the car’s owner can enjoy for significantly longer than has been possible with conventional sealing shampoos.

The outstandingly revitalised colour and long lasting protection of up to four months is what makes Xtreme Ceramic Spray Seal stand out from the range.  Without polishing the surface, the Si-Carbon technology generates a velvety-soft surface after washing, leaving the paintwork with an enduring, reflective shine with protection against the effects of weather and natural paintwork corrosives such as insects, bird droppings and tree resin.  This efficient formula is available in a 750ml spray bottle and contains enough for several applications.

The new SONAX Xtreme Ceramic Quick Detailer is perfect for enthusiasts who occasionally want to refresh their car’s gloss.  SONAX’s latest innovation will also appeal to owners of wrapped cars – it is also just as good for caring for wrapped and part-wrapped cars as it is for paintwork.  The Si-Carbon formula effortlessly provides extreme paintwork smoothness and allows it to glow with remarkably revitalised colour, as well as providing an outstanding water beading effect and reduced dirt adherence.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer these ground-breaking new SONAX formulas to our customers, said Gillian Fanning of SONAX distributors Serfac Limited.  “The Xtreme Ceramic products are innovative in that unlike classic formulations, they do not contain any wax – they’re based on a framework of compounds containing silicon.

It’s amazing”; “The shine is blinding”; “Blew me away!” are just some of the customer reviews we’ve seen online and having recently tried the products out myself on my own car, I can verify that the results are truly impressive!  They’re easy to use too so perfect for regular car enthusiasts as well as professional detailers.”

Other recent product launches from SONAX include a new bike cleaning and maintenance range which has been developed in response to the huge spike in bike ownership over the past couple of years.  “We’re seeing very significant growth in this category since the start of the pandemic and this looks set to continue”, said Gillian.

Please contact the Serfac sales team for more details.