Serfac to further expand NRF product range

Serfac Limited is further expanding its already extensive product range from leading cooling products supplier NRF, particularly across the brand’s compressor and condenser range.  NRF, renowned for its cooling and climate control offerings, also supplies a comprehensive range of Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS) and thermostats, as well as Coolant Temperature Sensors (CTS).

NRF offers the largest compressor range in the aftermarket, all of which have passed extensive durability and performance tests.  NRF compressors are filled with the correct double end capped PAG oil and all compressor boxes contain a QR code, which provides access to a complete installation manual (12 steps / 10 languages).

The NRF compressor range contains over one thousand references covering more than 10,500 OE references and 87% of the European car parc.  With an NRF Easy Fit compressor, all necessary assembly parts (such as O-rings) are delivered in the product packaging.  Easy Fit is a great advantage for the workshop, ensuring simple and quick installation of the NRF part.  The time and money saved means higher margins and greater customer satisfaction.

NRF’s wide range of high quality condensers are well-known for their excellent performance and reliability and almost all are Easy Fit and supplied with the correct assembly parts.  The NRF condenser range features 900 references covering over 4,600 OE references and 95% of the European car parc.

NRF’s recently launched new webshop – – featuring a new design, new search filter and new product availability layout can be viewed from a phone and is now more user-friendly, making it easier to find all required NRF parts.  360-degree photos have been reintegrated, making it possible to see the products from all sides.

“With a portfolio of over ten thousand products, NRF offers one of the most extensive cooling and climate control ranges in the aftermarket, said Liam O’Donohoe of Serfac.  “And the range is rapidly expanding into new product groups.”

NRF also offers a range of over 600 parts for electric and hybrid vehicles, demand for which is growing quickly in the aftermarket.  For more information regarding NRF’s latest EV and hybrid offering, please talk to your Serfac area sales manager or email