Hydroconnect2 PG

Serfac launches new Valeo HydroConnectTM blades

Serfac Limited is now stocking the latest wiping innovation from global wiping specialist Valeo.  HydroConnectTM is a new range 100% flat blade dedicated to the aftermarket and Valeo has leveraged its strong O.E. expertise to deliver a top quality wiper blade that addresses the key needs of the IAM.

HydroConnectTM features two categories – “Multi-Connection”, which covers front and rear O.E. flat blades and “Upgrade”, which covers hook arms.

The benefits of the new HydroConnectTM wiping range include:

  • Innovative,with its new rear multi-connection system.
  • Smart, offering easy fitting with its Plug & Drive multi-connection.
  • Technological, featuring excellent wiping performance for perfect visibility.
  • Evolutive, ready to cover upcoming applications with no additional part numbers.
  • Efficient, using the O.E. long lasting rubber and asymmetrical spoiler technology.

The new range includes 42 part numbers and has 96% OE flatblade car parc coverage and 85% hook arm car parc coverage.

Featuring 20 part numbers for Front Blade Multi-connection, the range covers 96% of the European car parc, with 15 lengths of wiper blades from 350mm to 800mm.  Three adaptors cover 12 different arms.   There are 14 single references for Upgrade Connection blades which come in 11 lengths from 350mm to 700mm and have 85% hook arm European car parc coverage.  Rear Multi-connection blades feature 8 single references, 8 lengths from 250mm to 455mm and also cover 96% of the car parc.

HydroConnectTM blades are easily fitted – simply plug one of the 3 available adaptors onto the blade, fit to the arm and you’re ready to drive safely.  The asymmetrical spoiler ensures perfect and uniform visibility due to even pressure across the windscreen.  Manufactured using high-tech rubber with a protective coating ensures long-lasting resistance and performance for clear rear visibility.

“We’re confident that HydroConnectTM will prove very popular with our motor factor customers, said Gillian Fanning, Serfac Limited.  “The excellent wiping performance, together with fast and easy Plug & Drive fitting means that garages, workshops and consumers will love this product.  The MY VALEO PARTS App can also be used to identify the correct HydroConnectTM blades for the vehicle, making it even easier to find the right part quickly.”

Serfac is currently running a special launch promotion for the Valeo HydroConnectTM range.  Please contact your Serfac area manager for more details.