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Serfac expands NRF range to include hard-to-find new product lines

Serfac Limited has added significantly to its product range from top global cooling and air conditioning brand NRF.  New NRF products now available from Serfac include expansion tanks for trucks, blower motor resistors and specialist compressor oil, while an expanded range of Air Conditioning products is now also in stock, including evaporators, heaters, receiver driers and interior blowers.

NRF Expansion Tanks are produced in Europe to high standards and OE matching quality.  All expansion tanks are Easy Fit, because they are supplied with new filler caps.

Blower Resistors are resistors which are used to control the fan speed of automotive interior blowers.  NRF offers a range of more than 75 high quality blower motor resistors.

The NRF range of Compressor Oil includes PAG oils in different viscosities and POE oils for hybrid/electrical applications.

With a product range of over 8,000 products, NRF offers one of the most extensive cooling ranges in the aftermarket.  Its unique EASY FIT system offers a complete installation kit in one package, ensuring a correct and efficient fit every time.

The benefits of NRF EASY FIT include:

  • Assembly parts are included
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Top quality
  • Saves time and money
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Since 1927, NRF has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of engine cooling and air conditioning products for the automotive aftermarket, industrial and marine sector.

As an established supplier of OEM components, a significant number of vehicle manufacturers install NRF radiators, oil coolers, and other cooling solutions as OE parts.

The company has an extensive R&D programme and is continuously developing and expanding its product range to meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

NRF’s ISO-certified R&D processes ensure superior quality and its extensive engineering and test facilities guarantee that its cooling systems comply with the most stringent OE requirements.  With excellent ordering platforms, a global distribution network and 24-hour delivery, NRF is the number one partner for the aftermarket.

For more information about Serfac’s new expanded NRF range, please contact your Serfac area manager, talk to the serfac sales team on 01-459 8700 or email