Serfac adds Turbochargers from DRI to product range

Serfac Limited has added a range of turbochargers from leading supplier DRI to its product range.

The number of cars with turbochargers is increasing, with 3 out of 4 cars registered after 2016 having one or more turbochargers.  By extracting energy from the exhaust gas, the turbocharger is able to build up pressure in the intake, thereby allowing a better mix of air and fuel to the cylinders, adding extra power to the engine.  DRI offers a selection of different technologies, covering a wide range of vehicles.

DRI only produces turbos based on OEM cores and the company’s turbos offer full traceability.  The latest turbo chargers reach 250,000 RPM and the compressor wheel reaches extremely high speeds.  The DRI remanufacturing process involves dismantling the product, restoring and replacing components and testing not only the individual parts, but also the whole product to ensure that their turbochargers are in line with original design specifications.

Produced in Europe, all DRI turbos are tested and inspected and pass more than thirty quality tests.   The final turbocharger is “Plug & Play” – complete and ready to be mounted.  Should special attention be required when installing the item, information is supplied with the turbocharger.   DRI’s European production means shorter lead times, a high level of security and consistency of supply.

As a remanufacturer, DRI’s parent company Borg Automotive controls the entire remanufacturing process, from parts and production to sales and service.  This total control offers Borg an advantage when it comes to delivering the best product and service, including express shipments, fast response times and technical support such as installation guidelines and trouble shooting.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer DRI turbochargers to our customers, said Liam O’Donohoe, General Manager, Serfac Limited.  “The number of cars with turbos is increasing so it’s a fast-growing product line.  DRI produces top quality turbos which have been extensively tested so you can be sure of their reliability. Additionally, the fact that they are Plug and Play makes installation straightforward and convenient.”

For more information regarding DRI turbochargers and details of special launch offers, please contact your Serfac area manager or email