BM Catalysts Hose Pipe 11013HP

Serfac adds range from BM Catalysts to product portfolio

Serfac Limited has added a comprehensive range from BM Catalysts to its existing product portfolio.  New products available include catalytic converters, front pipes and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

As Europe’s largest independent manufacturer of catalytic converters, DPFs and front pipes for the aftermarket, BM Catalysts produces a wide range of quality focussed parts and actively identifies market opportunities in order to offer motor factors the very best choice available.  Consistently investing in quality via world-class manufacturing processes, BM Catalysts leads the way in providing practical and fitting support as well as cataloguing assistance.  From best-in-class technical guidance to specialist sector support and education, the company is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.

With up to 60,000 parts always kept in stock, BM Catalysts has an industry-leading stock availability, and more than 28 million vehicles in the UK and 200 million vehicles in Europe can currently benefit from their aftermarket products.  As well as a standard range, premium products in the form of silicon carbide
(SiC) DPFs are also available, as well as an improved range of both 100cpsi and 200cpsi Performance cats, including an FAI approved Race cat.

The company excels at getting to market quickly and an extensive product development programme enables them to identify future parts to develop in order to stay one step ahead of market demand.  With up to 300 new parts released every year, BM Catalysts continuously invests in the latest high-tech machinery to remain at the forefront of development and new technologies.

“We’re delighted to add in-demand products from BM Catalysts to our brand range, commented Gillian Fanning of Serfac.  “Their proven business model quickly identifies parts that match both current and future market demand and their components are meticulously developed to the highest standard, ensuring the fit and performance is precise before they are released into the market.”

For more details on the BM Catalysts range, talk to your Serfac area representative or contact the Serfac sales team on 01 4598 700 or