09/05/2019 SERFAC Noco Product

Photo: Johnny Bambury
09/05/2019 SERFAC Noco product Photo: Johnny Bambury

Serfac adds NOCO battery and power products to brand range

Serfac Limited has added NOCO, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative consumer-based battery and power products to its brand line-up.

NOCO products available from Serfac include:

  • Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers
  • Jump Starters
  • Precision Clamps
  • OBD-II Settings Keeper
  • Plugs
  • Extension Cables
  • OBD II Connector
  • Eyelet Battery Indicators
  • Protective Cases
  • XGC Power Adaptors

An American brand, NOCO was founded in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio to develop a product that would prevent battery corrosion.  After several hundred different formulations, the company began commercially manufacturing and distributing the world’s first Battery Corrosion Preventative called NCP2 – an acronym for No Corrosion Product which is applied in 2 steps.  The NCP2 product quickly became a household name and has been preventing battery corrosion on more than one billion vehicles and applications worldwide for over 100 years.

NOCO genius is a range of smart, multi-purpose battery chargers designed to charge and maintain all battery sizes.

Special features of NOCO genius chargers include: Start-Stop technology to counteract increased cyclic energy demands placed on batteries in micro-hybrid vehicles; a firewall to prevent unsafe and abnormal conditions; load tracking to dynamically change current when a load is placed on the battery; intuitive diagnostic tool to detect reverse polarity, low voltage or damaged battery; energy-save to minimize energy consumption when full power is not required and a thermal monitor which adjusts charge based on ambient climate.

They protect against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, overcurrent, open-circuits, short-circuits and overheating and are capable of altering the charging process based on organic battery feedback.

Dirt, water, UV, impact and crush resistant, NOCO genius chargers keep the battery fully charged without overcharging, indefinitely.

NOCO genius BOOST UltraSafe is a range of Lithium Jump Starters designed to safely jump start a dead battery in seconds.  Designed for most vehicles including ATVs, cars, trucks, boats, RVs, lawn mowers, tractors and more, these powerful starters cover a range of engine sizes and fuels.

For more information regarding the NOCO product range and details of special launch offers, please contact your Serfac area manager or email sales@serfac.ie