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Recently-launched Wolf Lubricants range proves very popular with Irish motor factors

The Wolf Lubricants range, recently launched in Ireland by Serfac Limited, has proved very popular with Irish motor factor customers to-date, according to the Serfac sales team.  The distributor stocks an extensive line-up of oils, lubricants and coolants from the innovative Belgian brand and has recently added a number of important new Wolf applications, including the in-demand Wolf Official Tech OW20 C6F and 0W30 MS-FFE lubricants.

0W20 C6F is a full synthetic lubricant mandatory for the newest engines requiring ACEA C6. It is developed to prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of emission systems. It is also designed to provide outstanding engine cleanliness, wear protection and strong durability to keep engines running like new.

This product has been specifically developed to meet the challenging requirements of the latest C6 standard (can be used where ACEA C5 is recommended). A standard where protection against LSPI, offering fuel economy and CO2 reduction are important. Its also designed to meet the newest FORD WWS-M2C952-A1 specification which is needed for the recent FORD Ecoblue engines (diesel).

OW30 MS-FFE is a full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected base oils, mandatory for the EURO 6 TDCI Duratorq engines of the most recent Ford models (2014 – …) with exhaust after treatment and turbocharger. The high-tech VI-improver provides high stability to ensure long oil drain intervals.  It also addresses the use of biofuels, has special elastomer compatibility and anti-chain wear characteristics.

This product is developed for mandatory use in the newest EURO 6 TDCI Duratorq Ford engines. This product is also usable for other passenger car engines requiring a 0W30 viscosity grade and the ACEA C2 performance, thus providing a multi vehicle oil application. Optimum formulation for today’s car engines with exceptional fuel economy and extended service intervals.

Established in 1955, Wolf Lubricants specialises in technologically-advanced custom lubricants. With over 60 years of experience and expertise, Wolf has established a unique collaboration with additive suppliers which gives the brand direct access to the latest technologies and formulas.  The company’s preferential status, combined with its extensive knowledge of the production and distribution chain and exceptional speed to market has made Wolf a leading specialist in the lubricants industry over recent years.

As a blending specialist, Wolf produces lubricants of the highest possible quality with the support of a dedicated R&D team, an onsite laboratory and stringent quality control throughout the production process.  Fully accredited, the company holds every necessary OEM approval and ISO certification.  Based in Antwerp, Wolf has a truly international presence and exports to over 95 countries worldwide.

“We’re pleased to continue to add these new applications from this progressive brand to our Wolf product range, said Gillian Fanning of Serfac.  “With the speed at which new and cleaner engine technologies are being developed, Wolf is at the forefront of innovation in terms of blending the essentiall fluids to run these sophisticated engines. 

“We’ve designed our Wolf pricing model to ensure that our customers are receiving an extremely competitive proposition and we’re confident that they will find the brand a valuable and profitable addition to their product range.  We also have a number of special promotions currently running across the Wolf brand range, so please ask our sales team for more details regarding these offers“.

For more information regarding Wolf Oils & Lubricants and details of special offers, please call the Serfac sales team on: 01 459 8700 or via email on sales@serfac.ie.