OSRAM GmbH supplies its products to customers in more than 150 countries and is the No. 1 producer of light sources for automobiles. All OSRAM products are manufactured according to the single quality standard “Total Quality Management” and every lamp is subject to 28 checks and tests on air-tightness, strength and accuracy of manufacturing. All these checks guarantee product durability and reliability.

OSRAM is the world leader in lamps for passenger cars and offers a comprehensive product range. Every year, half of all the passenger cars produced around the world are equipped with OSRAM light sources and the company’s customers include all of the major international passenger car manufacturers.

Additional Details

Reliable lighting on a car is essential from a safety perspective and modern light solutions provide an optimally lit driving area and permit faster recognition of signs, obstacles and hazards. Improved brightness also improves the driving experience.
For years now, OSRAM’s trusted light solutions have satisfied safety requirements and continue to deliver the highest standards of quality and performance.

Website: osram.com