OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER +150 Gets Auto Express Commendation Award

Distributed by Serfac Limited, OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER +150% H7 halogen upgrade recently received a ‘Commended Award’ in the Annual Auto Express Product Awards. It picked up the award for winning the “beam brightness test” and for getting “third best FOM (figure of merit) result” during the annual Auto Express Bulb Test.

Thanks to innovative laser ablation technology, NIGHT BREAKER LASER halogen headlight lamps shine up to 150% brighter compared to the minimum legal standard. The highly engineered filament ensures an extra light boost.  Consequently, the lamps provide an up to 150m long beam and up to 20% whiter light compared to the minimum legal standard.  More light and improved visibility can help drivers identify and react to traffic hazards more quickly.  Last but not least: OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER impresses with its unique design (laser-engraved product name) and complete portfolio (H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11, HB3, HB4).

For more information regarding the OSRAM product range, talk to your Serfac area manager or contact the Serfac sales team on 01 4598700 or sales@serfac.ie