NOCO products voted top chargers in WhatCar review

Distributed by Serfac Limited, two key products from leading battery power brand NOCO – GENIUS 5 and GENIUS 10 have won two of the top spots in an independent charger review by leading UK magazine, WhatCar.  The review will be published in the magazine’s June print issue that goes on sale in May.

Receiving a score of 5/5, the WhatCar review for NOCO GENIUS 5 says:

“This charger delivers exactly what most users will ever need at a more appealing price. Its top spot position is all the more assured by said price undercutting its nearest rival, CTEK’s CT5, by nearly a tenner.

Like the Genius10, dedicated modes ensure fast and efficient charging of standard 6 and 12 volt batteries, plus AGM and lithium technologies.

Again, the Genius5 works well with really desperate batteries – automatically detecting those with as little as 1 volt charge left, and giving the option of forcing current into even more dilapidated ones.”

What they said about NOCO GENIUS 10:

“NOCO’s Genius 10 has the past and the future pretty well sewn up. It’s compatible with 6 and 12 volt batteries of any kind including lithium, and has dedicated charging cycles for both – as well as AGM and even 6 volt AGM. Factor in the 10 Amp max charging current, and this really is unbeatable, here, for charge speed.

It also goes beyond others when dealing with poorly batteries. It’ll automatically charge batteries reduced to 1 volt of internal charge, while “force” mode attempts to charge batteries in even more dire states.

There’s also a manual desulphation mode to recondition tired batteries as much as possible.”

Link to complete article attached:

“This is great news, said Gillian Fanning of Serfac.  “But it really only confirms what we know already:  NOCO are the best in their field at what they do and their products and technology are second to none.”

NOCO GENIUS is a range of smart, multi-purpose battery chargers designed to charge and maintain all battery sizes.  In addition to updated packaging, highlights and key features of the all-new range of Genius chargers include:

  • Hyper-Dense technology more commonly used in the mobile phone world now comes to charging, meaning that the new NOCO chargers are up to 45% smaller and lighter than their predecessors
  • They are also up to 40% more powerful than their predecessors
  • An external temperature compensation sensor (whilst retaining IP65 rating) is an industry first and underlines NOCO’s significant investment in creative design & engineering
  • They are completely automatic, with an ability to detect sulfation in the battery and step in and out of normal charging modes into repair as required. Repair mode, however, is retained specifically for those pro users who want to select it manually
  • A new charging algorithm operates at the maximum AMP rating for much longer than competitors’ products and previous NOCO models, providing the fastest charge on the market!

The full range of NOCO products available from Serfac includes:

  • Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers
  • Jump Starters
  • Precision Clamps
  • OBD-II Settings Keeper
  • Plugs
  • Extension Cables
  • OBD II Connector
  • Eyelet Battery Indicators
  • Protective Cases
  • XGC Power Adaptors

For more information regarding the NOCO product range and details of special offers, please contact your Serfac area manager or email