Lucas is a well-known European distributor of aftermarket components and the Lucas Engine Management and Ignition programme is designed to meet the needs of today’s customer.

The Lucas brand has been a consistent presence throughout the evolution of ignition systems and a full suite of products is available including Engine Management, Ignition Components and Fueling – all backed up with high quality assurance from this globally recognisable brand.

Today, Engine Management products are controlled by the vehicle’s on-board computer system with increasingly complex designs and parameters.  Lucas offers a full range of engine and vehicle management components including Air Mass Meters, Ignition Coils, EGR Valves, Idle Air Valves, Knock Sensors, Lambda Sensors, Crank/Cam Sensors, Switches and Sensors, Throttle Potentiometers and MAP Sensors.

The Lucas Ignition components range comprises both traditional parts such as rotor arms, condensors, and distributor caps and modern ignition parts such as HT leads, modules and coils.

Additional Details

The brand also offers a comprehensive fuelling offering, from in-line pumps to in-tank swirl pots and full assemblies.

All Lucas Engine Management and Ignition components are covered by a 3 year warranty.