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Link between OE and aftermarket technology key benefit of choosing Monroe Shock Absorbers

Distributed in Ireland by Serfac Limited, Monroe is one of the largest suppliers of shock absorbers installed in vehicle manufacturing plants and workshops around the globe.  In 2019 alone, Monroe manufactured more than 100 million shocks, and an estimated 800 million kilometres are driven each day on these trusted products.  One in every five vehicles manufactured worldwide is originally equipped with Monroe shocks, the ultimate endorsement of the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation and value.

The link between OE and aftermarket technology is a key benefit of choosing Monroe shocks.  As an OE supplier, Monroe gains unique insight to vehicle manufacturers’ desired ride and handling characteristics for new vehicle models.  The corresponding Monroe OE shocks play important roles in helping automakers deliver a superior ride experience.  Years later, when many of these vehicles enter the aftermarket repair/replacement cycle, their owners can count on the availability of genuine Monroe aftermarket shocks featuring the same vehicle-specific technologies.

Another advantage of this OE expertise is the “halo” of quality that comes through working with many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.  Meeting OE requirements is exceedingly difficult; it means maintaining an intense focus on quality in every daily engineering and production process.  As a result, every Monroe shock is designed and manufactured by highly skilled professionals working in state-of-the-art facilities, including the brand’s expansive European OE and aftermarket production complex in Poland.

Vehicle suspensions are becoming more sophisticated each model year.  One leading trend is the adoption of highly advanced electronic suspensions which continually sense and respond to changes in the driving environment.  The Monroe Intelligent Suspension brand is a leading player in this fast-emerging OE category, with a variety of semi active suspension solutions covering a variety of passenger vehicle, including models from Audi, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

To support customers whose vehicles are equipped with one of these adaptive suspensions, Monroe also offers innovative, exact-replacement Monroe RideSense electronic shock absorbers for the aftermarket.  These “plug-and-play” units are identical to the electronic shocks installed as original equipment on many popular vehicle models, so consumers can count on like-new ride and handling performance following the repair.

The introduction of electronic shock absorbers is just the latest of countless ride performance innovations from this legendary brand.  Just as Monroe engineers work each day with vehicle manufacturers to design and deliver a superior ride on new models, they are also incorporating many of their latest OE-inspired ideas in Monroe aftermarket shocks, including conventional passive (non-electronic) shocks, valves and add-on valves.  One of the latest Monroe innovations for the OE market is the Monroe RideRefine RC1 valve, which utilizes Frequency Dependent Damping to filter high-frequency wheel motions common when driving on brought roads.  This new valve technology is now available on many Monroe passive shock absorbers installed as original equipment.

Every vehicle model is engineered to provide a unique ride and handling experience.  Monroe OE shock engineers meet these requirements by designing innovative, high-quality shocks for each corresponding model.  This same approach can be seen in the Monroe aftermarket range, where each shock absorber is designed and tuned to provide a truly OE-style ride.  For more than a century, this approach has helped make Monroe a leading choice among vehicle manufacturers, mechanics and drivers worldwide.

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