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GS Yuasa launches battery information channel GYTV on YouTube

GS Yuasa, the world-leading manufacturer of GS Batteries distributed in Ireland by Serfac Limited, has announced the launch of GYTV, the new name for its engaging and educational battery learning video channel.  GYTV initially features two distinct series covering battery basics and trade-focused advice and is available to watch on YouTube from mid February.

Bringing together a wealth of experience from the GS Yuasa team, the videos, which have been developed for both consumers and trade professionals, are easy to understand and are organised into logical playlists to ensure a seamless viewing experience.  Both series will be made available for GS Yuasa’s customers to use, whether online, across social media or in their reception area as part of the manufacturer’s package of value-added-extras.

“By answering the internet’s most frequently asked questions about batteries, GS Yuasa is hoping to empower consumers and vehicle technicians to take charge of any battery issues that might arise”, said Gillian Fanning of Serfac Limited.

The wide range of topics covered on the channel will be of interest to both technicians and consumers alike and include “Battery testing & warranty handling”, “Stock battery care and maintenance”, “A guide to topping up and maintaining battery electrolyte levels”, “Hybrid & EV batteries explained”, “Finding, buying & fitting a battery”, plus a selection of motorcycle battery-specific information.


Explore GYTV (link to YouTube channel)

Serfac Limited carries a comprehensive battery offering from GS Yuasa.  For more information, contact the Serfac sales team on 01 459 8700 or