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DREUMEX Cleaning & Disinfecting Products helping to get businesses up and running again

Distributed in Ireland by Serfac Limited, cleaning and disinfecting products from leading European hygiene manufacturer DREUMEX are helping business across the globe to get back up and running again as they exit lockdown.

Thanks to a combination of expertise and experience, DREUMEX has developed a total package of cutting-edge, high-quality products that protect, clean, disinfect and care for hands.  The brand’s extensive range of products offers a solution for every work situation and is particularly suited to garages and workshops.

The latest addition to the DREUMEX product range – Disinfecting Wipes – are ideal for hygienically cleaning vehicles and work areas in the COVID-19 era.  The wipes are effective against Coronavirus and many other dangerous microbes.

They contain no bleach, alcohol, chlorine, aldehyde and VOC and are safe on all equipment including vehicles, tables, desks, electronics, touch POS systems, doorknobs and counters etc.  Using them couldn’t be easier: Grab a wipe, wipe your equipment till it’s visibly wet.  Allow to air dry and discard the wipe in the bin

The new standard in disinfecting, DREUMEX Disinfecting Wipes come in a variety of pack sizes.  An attractive freestanding stainless steel dispenser is also available for the wipes – ideal for car showrooms and public areas.

Key features of the wipes:

  • Safe and effective
  • Outstanding microbiocidal performance
  • Completely disposable
  • Minimise mess
  • Economical & Convenient

Serfac stocks a comprehensive range of DREUMEX products in a range of dispense options, including wall-mounted, pumps, tubs and wipes and is currently running a promotion across the DREUMEX brand range,

A highlight of the promotion is the DREUMEX Omnicare foam wall-mounted dispenser which is available with 6 cartridges of Omnicare foam soap at a special offer price while stocks last.  With its revolutionary Bag-on-Valve touch-free instant Foam Technology, DREUMEX Omnicare is cost-effective, sustainable, convenient, cleans all types of soiling and protects and cares for the skin.  All in one package!

Also on offer are DREUMEX Plus and DREUMEX Special.  Buy 4 cartridges of either and receive a wall-mounted manual dispenser FOC.  Wall dispensers provide a perfect solution for busy workshops and garges.

Contact Serfac for more details on 01 459 8700 or sales@serfac.ie.  Alternatively, visit our website www.serfac.ie