The latest product range from CHAMPION, a Belgian brand with a presence in 88 countries around the world, delivers peak performance in the most challenging conditions, enabling both the engine and the driver to fulfill their potential.

Champion is a trademark of Wolf Oil Corporation, one of Europe’s leading independent lubricants companies. Wolf Oil Corporation is an independent lubricants company that specialises 100% in lubricants designed to enhance engine performance and longevity, while lowering consumption and emissions. By using the latest formulations and technologies, the company blends tailored lubricants which fulfill very precise requirements and due to relationships with leading additive companies, is able to meet even the most stringent needs and challenging environments.

CHAMPION offers some of the most extensive training and product support in the lubricants industry today. The dedicated Champion website has product finder tools which identify suitable products, including equivalents for other lubricant brands, a wealth of technico-commercial information and training modules that share the latest technical insights and materials. Visit for more product information.


The CHAMPION lubricants product range:
pro PRO RACING: Thanks to their high viscosity at elevated temperatures and low friction characteristics, the PRO RACING lubricants boost engine performance to enable it to excel in severe operating conditions, such as racing and sportive driving.
OEM OEM SPECIFIC: Tailor-made lubricants that meet and exceed the demanding specifications of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
ECO ECO FLOW: Thanks to their exceptionally low viscosity, Eco Flow lubricants demonstrate excellent fluidity at all temperatures and optimise fuel economy.
NewEnerg NEW ENERGY: Advanced lubricants with specially selected active components that fight against contamination and ensure first-class cleanliness. They deliver optimal performance in demanding conditions, like city driving, start-stop traffic and long journeys at high speed.
Life LIFE EXTENSION: Thanks to their boosted formulations, these lubricants bring ultimate protection for vehicles operating under severe strain on a daily basis and accumulating a high number of kilometers.
Active ACTIVE DEFENCE: This range of oils will maintain the robust performance of less recent vehicles. By securing first-class lubrication, active antioxidant protection, easy cold start and general protection of the entire system, the oils give older vehicles excellent protection.
Retro RETRO FORMULA: This range of high quality mineral lubricants is especially adapted to the needs of collector and vintage cars. It offers good protection against wear, oxidation and corrosion and will help extend the life of a classic car even further.


CHAMPION product categories:
·      Passenger Car Motor Oils ·      Motorcycle
·      Heavy Duty Motor Oils ·      Marine
·      Transmission Fluids ·      Agriculture
·      Brake/Steering/Leveling Fluids ·      Industry
·      Winter Fluids ·      Greases
·      Maintenance Products