Champion launches new product

Champion OEM SPECIFIC 0W30 MS-FFE: the first product in the aftermarket for the newest Ford engines!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new premium product Champion OEM SPECIFIC 0W30 MS-FFE. Champion is the first in the aftermarket to offer this product.

About the product

Champion OEM SPECIFIC 0W30 MS-FFE should be used to service the newest Ford Duratorq Euro 6 Diesel engines (Ford Focus, Mondeo, C-Max, Grand C-Max, Kuga). These engines, in the market since 2014, need their first service fill now.  Our product will give you the opportunity to provide exactly what your clients need!

Champion OEM SPECIFIC 0W30 MS-FFE meets the Ford WSS-M2C950-A specification, with service intervals up to 30.000 km or 2 years.

Fuel Economy is key

We take our promise to make future mobility more sustainable seriously by optimizing the fuel economy provided by our products. Thanks to our innovative technology, this product guarantees durability and excellent fluidity at every temperature, providing fuel economy from the moment you start the engine of your car.

In our Champion product range, you can already find two other products that were specifically developed for Ford engines: Champion OEM SPECIFIC 5W30 MS-F (FORD WSS-M2C913-C/D) and Champion OEM SPECIFIC 5W20 MS-FE (FORD WSS-M2C948-B). By adding Champion OEM SPECIFIC 0W30 MS-FFE to your product line, you will further complete your product offering, enabling you to service all Ford engines.