Bougicord® is the replacement part division of the Electricfil group – an automobile manufacturer OEM source for many decades. Bougicord® markets two product lines: a range of approximately 500 complete ignition wire sets plus standard and/or specific power leads sold on display racks, and a range of engine control and temperature sensors developed from Electricfil “first fit” ranges.

Bougicord® products are mostly designed and developed in-house by the Electricfil group and constantly upgraded in continuous innovation programmes. All are manufactured in ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified plants, guaranteeing optimum quality and reliability. Electricfil Automotive, HQ of the Group and main plant in Beynost (France) is also certified ISO 14001.

During its first 20 years, Electricfil, which was founded in 1936, was famous for the electric “flexes” it manufactured for domestic applications. In 1957, the family company seized a market opportunity when interference suppression became mandatory on all motor vehicles by inventing the Bougicord® suppression cable and entered the world of automobiles and “first fits”. With the invention of the Bougicord® ignition cable, used in the assembly of high voltage ignition sets, Electricfil became world leader. The company started to market sensors in 1975 and today, Electricfil Automotive supplies complete functions and specialises in electronic powertrain systems and components for automobile engines and transmissions, currently 100% of sales.

Additional Details

Today, more than 150 million cars worldwide are equipped with a Bougicord product.