Serfac Limited distributes the Aisin range of clutches manufactured by AISIN Seiki Co. Limited. AISIN Clutch Kits combine ideal clutch components to deliver optimal drivetrain efficiency. Providing ideal power transfer with precise pedal feel, AISIN Clutch Kits are always OE Matched.


Founded in 1965 as an OE manufacturer, approximately 24% of Aisin Seiki’s ownership is retained by Toyota today. Superior products produced through engineering excellence, progressive technological development and dedication to service are some factors which have contributed to bringing AISIN to its position as a multi-award-winning global leader in automotive parts.

Aisin’s cooling, drivetrain, clutches, and engine replacement parts, including pumps and hydraulics, are produced to the same exacting standards that original equipment manufacturers use in building their vehicles. The company’s intense focus on research and development enables them to offer vital, leading edge technology to the automotive industry.

Additional Details

AISIN operates as a conscientious corporate citizen, dedicated to quality and innovation. This is the philosophy that has built a $25+ billion global enterprise with approximately 70,000 employees worldwide.