One of the top-selling wash and wax ranges in the USA, Rain Dance is famous for creating a long-lasting, water-beading shine and consistently scores top marks in product performance tests.

Rain Dance Wash & Wax is a unique formulation that both washes and protects a vehicle’s surface. Surface-active agents thoroughly loosen and remove surface contaminants and dirt from the paint, leaving a high gloss protected finish. Containing added carnauba wax for extra protection, Wash & Wax can be used on all exterior surfaces.

Premium Liquid Wax is formulated with Nano-technology to create an exceptionally smooth surface. Containing a blend of synthetic polymers, waxes and carnauba that delivers the best in water-beading action and surface protection, Premium Liquid Wax leaves a velvet-touch feel on paint surface with no residue. It features an added shine element for show-car shine.

Premium Carnauba Paste Wax contains only the purest grades of carnauba and other durable waxes that seal a vehicle’s finish and smooth fine scratches and swirl marks to create a brilliant and shiny surface. This easy formula can be applied in minutes and blocks out damaging elements that can fade paint and cause oxidation.

Additional Details

Other products in the innovative Rain Dance range include Premium Cleaner Wax, Wet Tire Shine and Quick Detailer.

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