AC Delco

AC Delco is a well-known global supplier of premium automotive parts. With over 70,000 quality parts covering more than 30 product lines, AC Delco can supply parts for practically any type of vehicle anywhere in the world.

AC Delco is constantly adding to its product range. As well as batteries and filters, AC Delco also supplies lubricants, brakes and spark plugs and has extensive coverage of the European Vehicle Parc.

The company’s history, coupled with an expertise in automotive technology, puts AC Delco at the leading edge of the aftermarket and offers a premium parts solution that brings the quality you can expect from a global organisation. AC Delco is committed to continuously improving and increasing its product offering to fit virtually any vehicle and when it comes to quality and dependability, the majority of AC Delco parts are put through a variety of tests — often under extreme or unusual conditions – to ensure that they achieve the brand’s high quality standards.

The AC Delco lubricant range covers a wide range of products and specifications from mineral to synthetic engine oil along with a range of transmission and gear oils. AC Delco is also able to offer specialist long drain diesel oils that are becoming more and more popular among heavy duty and truck users.

In addition to a wide range of premium quality lubricants, most of AC Delco lubricants are available in 1, 5, 20, 60 and 205 litre variants so provide a total solution whether they are used in a workshop or retail environment. In addition, the 5 litre containers have a specially developed anti spill nozzle to eliminate waste and spillage.

Additional Details

The range includes products from 20w50 mineral oil right through to 0w40 and 5w30 fully synthetic oils. AC Delco also offers “harder to find” products such as 2 stroke smokeless oil, ATF Type 3 and DOT3 brake fluid.